Monday, July 31, 2017

Best iPhone Power Banks

When you're out camping or on a tour, one of the main concerns is charging your iPhone. Obviously, the outdoors is a hard place to find charging points. That's why power banks (for example: SUNJACK HEAT BANK ) for the iPhone make a lot of sense – and are almost mandatory gadgets for touring, camping and traveling folk.

There are millions of portable chargers for the iPhone out there. Almost many of them are pretty good, come with a decent lifetime and recharge cycle and have good specs. Here's a collection we rounded up. [Check out the latest list of best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus power banks.]
1. RAVPower

RAVPower has a monstrous 26800mAh battery which can charge an iPhone almost 10 times. It has three USB ports to let you charge multiple devices at one go. The 5.5A current is good enough to let you power up your iPhone at a rapid speed.

The power bank also complies with safety measures, which ensures a full protection of your charging device in case of any short circuits. Made of high-end material, this iPhone power bank is very durable and efficient. It's lightweight and easy to carry.

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26800mAh battery
Three USB charging slots
Output 5.5A
Smart IC frequency technology

#2. Fibonic

With mighty 20800mAh battery, Fibonic power bank doesn't let your iPhone run out of power on a long tour. It features three ports to let you charge three devices simultaneously.

There is a LED display which shows the battery level. Being ultra-slim, you can effortlessly carry it without any problem. The compact design offers it the needed endurance to last long. This portable iPhone power bank comes in two colors—black and white.

Huge 20800mAh battery
Lightweight and compact design
Charges three devices at one go

#3. Vinsic

The Vinsic 20000mAh power bank is a portable powerhouse for your iPhone. It juices up your iOS device at the charging speed of 2.4A. It allows you to charge two devices at a time.

With the complete short circuit, over/low voltage protection, it provides the required safety to your device. The outer body of power bank is made of fireproof PG V0 material that ensures the safety of your power bank. The LED screen shows the remaining power of your device.

Powerful 20000mAh battery
Sturdy design
Charges two devices at once

#4. ExpertPower

ExpertPower power bank for iPhone and iPad has a massive 20000mAh battery to let you quickly charge your device. It features two USB ports so that you can power up two devices simultaneously.

The 5V / 3A total output speed makes it super handy. The small and compact design makes it ultra-portable. LEDs keep you informed about the remaining battery level. It also comes with the built-in flashlight for dimly-lit environments. This slim power bank for iPhone comes in four colors—orange & black, black, white and gold.

Robust 20000mAh battery
Built-in flashlight

#5. Lumsing

Lumsing features a bit classy design compared to other power banks. The metallic color on the body gives this power bank a premium look. If we talk about power, it has a 10400mAh battery, and it protects your iDevices from all charging related problems. Like all others, there are four LED indicators on power bank that shows you the remaining output left.

Features of Lumsing
10400mAh battery capacity
Two USB slots for charging two devices simultaneously.
Output 5V 1A & 5v 2.1A

#6. Anker

Anker PowerCore power bank has a solid 13000mAh battery which is fully-equipped to offer a lot of additional power to your iPhone. It has two USB ports and comes with safe charging technology.

With the fast charging technology, it can charge your device with up to 3A speed. It has been constructed with high-end material and features the matte finish. It can easily slip into your small pocket or purse. This ultra-portable power bank for iPhone is available only in two colors—black and white.

Good 13000mAh battery
Fast charging technology
Two USB ports
Premium material, Matte finish

#7. Innogie

What makes Innogie Alien power bank so impressive is the eye-catching design. It's pretty lightweight and offers 2.4A charging speed. Under the hood, it has a 10400mAh battery.

The two USB ports and secure charging technology make this very user-friendly. The high-quality aluminum finish offers it the required strength to last long. This handy power bank comes in two color variants—black and green.

10400mAh battery
Very lightweight
Fast charging technology

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