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I have a confession to make, but it’s not about me, it’s about you. You’re terrible at buying headphones. The typical list of demands when someone asks me for headphone advice is tantamount to wanting a Ferrari with great gas mileage, tons of luggage space, and the price of a second-hand Trabant. There’s nothing you don’t want, no scenario you’re willing to compromise on, and you’re not particularly keen to spend a lot. I understand this, because I’m often the same way, but some of these contradictory priorities will have to budge at some point.

If you’re willing to spend more than a few bucks on portable headphones, but still insist on a pair that’s suitable for absolutely everything, the $330 V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless might be for you. These are the most versatile headphones I’ve yet tested, offering good sound whether wired or wireless, at home or on the move. They’re also designed to withstand extraordinary amounts of punishing use, ensuring the safety of your investment when purchasing a pair. And they shrink down into a lovely case.

I don’t think these are perfect headphones and I don’t think they’re the best in any single category. But if you want headphones that check off the most boxes and serve the widest range of uses, this is them.

V-Moda proudly touts the Crossfade 2 Wireless and its predecessor models of the Crossfade Wireless and wired M100 as the essential DJ headphones, with CEO Val Kolton claiming that more than 40 percent of DJs around the world use V-Moda cans. I spoke with Val recently, and he noted another interesting demographic point: the Crossfade 2s have been selling best among gamers and bankers. Now that’s a diverse customer range.

The shared benefit for DJs and bankers is the compactness and flexibility of these over-ear headphones. You can twist and torque the signature V-Moda headband in any direction you like; it’ll survive any human force you put into it. You can wear them with one pad pushed behind your ear and you can throw them around the stage (or trading floor) without worry. The aluminum ear cups are rock solid and are liable to do more harm to anything that hits them than they would take. In terms of design, they’re also fairly unisex, though V-Moda’s styling is a peculiar sort of quietly shouty, featuring undisguised screws and uncovered metal yokes.

The Crossfade 2s also offer some very respectable noise isolation, which is where I suspect the gamer / banker overlap comes in. You want to be able to tune out roommates during long gaming sessions just as much as you want to hear less of the din of a moving commuter train. Because they have a sealed back, these headphones don’t leak much of the sound of your music out to people nearby — which is what makes them a superior choice to something like the utterly excellent Sennheiser HD650/HD6xx. The Sennheisers sound better, but have an open back that makes them unsuitable for use with others nearby.

A big improvement that Kolton and his V-Moda team have made with the Crossfade 2 Wireless is in the ear pads. Kolton spent countless days personally testing hundreds of different material, size, and shape variations to perfect the pads for these headphones, and I feel a real improvement. The new pads contribute to the external noise isolation, help shape the sound inside, and improve on the fit and comfort relative to previous V-Moda headphones. I own a pair of M100s, which look mostly the same as the Crossfade 2s, but I always develop sore spots after wearing them for a while. Not so with V-Moda’s newest pads.


I wouldn’t say that the Crossfade 2 Wireless are exceedingly comfortable, but neither are they burdensome. At 309g / 10.9oz, these are on the heavy side for a pair of portables, and someone with larger ears like myself can start to feel a little claustrophobic inside the close confines of the over-ear pads. But this is one of the compromises of which I speak: to have more room for my oversized noggin, I’d need to step to something far less portable like the $800 MrSpeakers Aeon or the $900 Bowers & Wilkins P9. With V-Moda, you accept the trade-off of extra weight for the benefit of extra durability and you take a little less comfort for the sake of compact portability. I really do like the hard case that comes with these cans, which can be easily strapped to the outside of your daily carry bag with the provided carabiner clip.

V-Moda’s sound signature has long been known for Kolton’s preference for exuberant, aggressively thumping bass that aims to recreate the feeling of being in a club. Not a primly proper classical concert venue, not your mahogany-furnished study, and not a recording studio. That approach has been great for those who are into electronica and hip hop, but it’s also what makes cans like the original M100s so good for commuting as you always want a little extra bass when on the move. Well, the Crossfade 2 Wireless pretty much do away with all of that heritage.

These are the most sonically balanced headphones V-Moda has yet produced. The drums still kick and bang, but it’s not the same sort of mind-scrambling bass experience that I get from the M100s. I miss that. My favorite way of listening to the album stuff i used to do by deadmau5 is through the M100s: they thicken up the low end and their condensed presentation makes the music feel intimate and up-close. The Crossfade 2 Wireless lack the same sense of warmth, and though they’re hard to criticize in their performance, I just don’t engage with them in the same emotional way. I think V-Moda has gone toward the hallowed middle ground of neutrality, and I think fresh listeners will like the tuning of the Crossfade 2s, but I can’t go beyond liking this sound. Whereas I love the excesses of the M100 sound.

There’s a substantial difference to be heard when going between wired and wireless modes with the Crossfade 2s. Kolton tells me that these were designed, first and foremost, as wired headphones, and that the wireless option is there as an expanded bit of flexibility rather than the primary use mode. I applaud that unusual choice. Most of the competition from the likes of B&O Play, Bowers & Wilkins, and Apple’s Beats is designed for wireless use first and wired as the afterthought fallback. With these V-Modas, I find the wired playback sweeter and more detailed. The high end is evened out and there are no aberrant peaks to disturb my listening, which I very occasionally find while listening wirelessly. Bass extension also goes deeper with the wire plugged in.

V-Moda sells a $350 option of the Crossfade 2 Wireless with support for Qualcomm’s AptX HD codec for supposed CD-quality sound. That’s the pair I’ve been testing and I can’t say I’ve noticed enough to recommend the $20 upgrade. Most smartphones outside of LG’s audiophile-friendly lineup lack AptX HD support, and even the devices that have it haven’t shown me enough of an improvement to justify spending extra. You’ll just have to accept that wireless sound quality isn’t as good as wired and live accordingly. That being said, I’ve had great results with taking calls wirelessly using the built-in microphone on these headphones.

Whatever wireless dropouts I’ve had with the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless have typically been the fault of my phone rather than the headphones themselves. The classic Bluetooth death grip of the Google Pixel, for example, will interrupt transmission, but otherwise these are very reliable wireless cans. As usual with Bluetooth accessories, you’ll occasionally struggle to find and pair these V-Moda headphones with your mobile device. But once you’ve got them talking to each other, it’s generally a faultless experience.

I also enjoy how long the battery of the Crossfades lasts, giving me as much as 10 hours of playback on a single charge. I still haven’t been able to fully drain the battery, which speaks to its endurance, yes, but probably also hints at the fact that I don’t find these headphones perfectly comfortable for long listens. Another minor quibble, given that we’re now in the middle of 2017: V-Moda’s choice of a MicroUSB charging port here is spoiling my “everything USB-C” tech nirvana and I’m not thrilled about that.

In the world of headphones — more so than something like smartphones where you can have upgrades without downsides — every little nudge in one positive direction tends to come with a corresponding retreat in some other area of desirability. What V-Moda’s Crossfade 2 Wireless represent is the most even balancing of all our competing priorities. I can enjoy them on a quiet afternoon at home, plugged into my high-end audio gear. Then I can detach the wire and go out on a walk into the city with them. They aim to provide big sound in a compact package and, for the most part, they succeed.

Priced at $330, the Crossfade 2 Wireless are neither cheap nor, by the standards of premium headphones, expensive. They’re just right there, in the middle. Their sound is rather like that too: not too bassy, not too exciting, but also not disengaged or boring. That’s a lot of negatives, but I guess that’s my abiding impression of a pair of headphones that wants to please everyone. It isn’t any one thing.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Lawn tractor

Lawn tractor pros and cons

Lawn tractors (like POULAN PRO MOWER ) are the most popular of all riding mowers. They’re great for cutting large lawns and for light-duty gardening jobs. Most entry-level models are equipped with a 38-in. cutting deck, while the more expensive versions can cut up to 54 in. Most are powerful enough to run an optional grass collection system or tow a garden cart loaded with supplies. However, lawn tractors aren’t designed to accept large attachments or do heavy-duty work.

More deck options-cutting widths 38 in. and up.
A hydrostatic transmission, which allows you to control the speed by pedal, comes standard on many models. This is also the smoothest type of transmission.
Cuts faster with mowing speeds of about 5.2 mph.
Most have larger engines with pressurized lubrication systems, which keep oil flowing on steeper slopes.
Accepts some accessories.


Needs larger storage space.
Larger decks may not fit through your gates.
Less visibility because the engine is in front.
Can’t handle ground-engaging attachments such as tillers and cultivators.

Friday, September 29, 2017

How to organize your Garage

Thinking that your garage is just another store room where you can dump all the stuff that you do not need is not a pleasant thought. Remember your car has sole right on the garage first. If you are finding it hard to get your car out or get your car in then there is a serious problem with your garage room. You have to organize your garage in order to make space for all. It’s very important that you understand how important it is to organize your things. It will not only help you in your life but will help your car find its way. It’s always easy when you know where exactly a thing can be found in your house. Why can’t it be done with your garage as well? It’s also part of your house. And mind it when you want to find anything dumped its hard time searching those things out from a pile of dumped stuff.

Unorganized garages will always pose the danger of tripping over anywhere around the garage. It’s not only dangerous for kids but it can cause some serious injuries to elder people as well. It’s very easy to start organizing things.

Garage safety is good but you also need gate opener system like MIGHTY MULE 502

Some Tips On Your Garage

Sort your things out: Simply start by sorting things out in your garage. There are umpteen things in that pile of things which you have never even used for over a decade. Keeping such things in your garage not only occupies a lot of space but also waste space which could have been used otherwise. So it’s important to firstly find the things out that you never use and then either through them in the garbage or things that can still be used donate them to the needy. Your waste can be a source of comfort for the others.

Make some space: Now that you have sorted out the things that you want to keep, you should remember that not only the floor can be used to store things but the walls and the ceiling as well can be used. Every space around you in the garage can be helpful. Just make sure that you leave enough space for your vehicle. Rest of the space can be put into use for storing in your sorted out things and future things that will be found in your garage.

Keep it organized: Now that you have organized your garage, it’s very important to keep it that way. Otherwise it won’t make any sense to have organized at all in the beginning. All your efforts will go in vain if you start throwing in things like before.

Remember your garage is a very important part of your house. Whenever you open your garage people see how you keep your things. If you keep your things in an organized manner, it gives a very good impression about the person you are altogether. It’s a good habit to place the things where they are meant to be. It saves your time and energy.

Your garage can never be magically converted into a smart garage. It’s a process that needs to be maintained forever. Keep your garage like any other room of your house. Some extra space always available in your garage will benefit you only in future. Your efforts today will pay off later when you would not have to find your things here and there. Keep extra cartons and plastic trays to make a systematic area. Basic things like shelves prove to be helpful to make your garage look good. Your car can breathe easily if given proper space.

Making your garage look good is everybody’s desire. But making the effort to clean that area requires some time and energy from you. The house is yours. The garage is yours. Then why think twice to make a move in cleaning it? It’s good to be organized at times, especially in a place which guarantees dumping of things at any point of time. Make full use of your garage by not dumping in it but by making space of everything that needs a little space in your house but currently not in use. Everyone can organize; it’s no rocket science, but just some sense of planning.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Best iPhone Power Banks

When you're out camping or on a tour, one of the main concerns is charging your iPhone. Obviously, the outdoors is a hard place to find charging points. That's why power banks (for example: SUNJACK HEAT BANK ) for the iPhone make a lot of sense – and are almost mandatory gadgets for touring, camping and traveling folk.

There are millions of portable chargers for the iPhone out there. Almost many of them are pretty good, come with a decent lifetime and recharge cycle and have good specs. Here's a collection we rounded up. [Check out the latest list of best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus power banks.]
1. RAVPower

RAVPower has a monstrous 26800mAh battery which can charge an iPhone almost 10 times. It has three USB ports to let you charge multiple devices at one go. The 5.5A current is good enough to let you power up your iPhone at a rapid speed.

The power bank also complies with safety measures, which ensures a full protection of your charging device in case of any short circuits. Made of high-end material, this iPhone power bank is very durable and efficient. It's lightweight and easy to carry.

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26800mAh battery
Three USB charging slots
Output 5.5A
Smart IC frequency technology

#2. Fibonic

With mighty 20800mAh battery, Fibonic power bank doesn't let your iPhone run out of power on a long tour. It features three ports to let you charge three devices simultaneously.

There is a LED display which shows the battery level. Being ultra-slim, you can effortlessly carry it without any problem. The compact design offers it the needed endurance to last long. This portable iPhone power bank comes in two colors—black and white.

Huge 20800mAh battery
Lightweight and compact design
Charges three devices at one go

#3. Vinsic

The Vinsic 20000mAh power bank is a portable powerhouse for your iPhone. It juices up your iOS device at the charging speed of 2.4A. It allows you to charge two devices at a time.

With the complete short circuit, over/low voltage protection, it provides the required safety to your device. The outer body of power bank is made of fireproof PG V0 material that ensures the safety of your power bank. The LED screen shows the remaining power of your device.

Powerful 20000mAh battery
Sturdy design
Charges two devices at once

#4. ExpertPower

ExpertPower power bank for iPhone and iPad has a massive 20000mAh battery to let you quickly charge your device. It features two USB ports so that you can power up two devices simultaneously.

The 5V / 3A total output speed makes it super handy. The small and compact design makes it ultra-portable. LEDs keep you informed about the remaining battery level. It also comes with the built-in flashlight for dimly-lit environments. This slim power bank for iPhone comes in four colors—orange & black, black, white and gold.

Robust 20000mAh battery
Built-in flashlight

#5. Lumsing

Lumsing features a bit classy design compared to other power banks. The metallic color on the body gives this power bank a premium look. If we talk about power, it has a 10400mAh battery, and it protects your iDevices from all charging related problems. Like all others, there are four LED indicators on power bank that shows you the remaining output left.

Features of Lumsing
10400mAh battery capacity
Two USB slots for charging two devices simultaneously.
Output 5V 1A & 5v 2.1A

#6. Anker

Anker PowerCore power bank has a solid 13000mAh battery which is fully-equipped to offer a lot of additional power to your iPhone. It has two USB ports and comes with safe charging technology.

With the fast charging technology, it can charge your device with up to 3A speed. It has been constructed with high-end material and features the matte finish. It can easily slip into your small pocket or purse. This ultra-portable power bank for iPhone is available only in two colors—black and white.

Good 13000mAh battery
Fast charging technology
Two USB ports
Premium material, Matte finish

#7. Innogie

What makes Innogie Alien power bank so impressive is the eye-catching design. It's pretty lightweight and offers 2.4A charging speed. Under the hood, it has a 10400mAh battery.

The two USB ports and secure charging technology make this very user-friendly. The high-quality aluminum finish offers it the required strength to last long. This handy power bank comes in two color variants—black and green.

10400mAh battery
Very lightweight
Fast charging technology

Monday, June 5, 2017

Choosing a Fiber Supplement

organic supplement
Because fiber performs a substantial part in disease prevention and maintaining your overall health, it's important to take a daily fiber product, but that is the most effective organic supplement for you? While historically the solution has been psyllium, increasingly more individuals are choosing flax. After conducting extensive research on both varieties of fiber, Vital Health, in addition, has elected and only flax. Here is why:

1. Flax provides a better stability of soluble to insoluble fiber.

2. Flax contains antioxidant-organic Dhea, while psyllium does not.

3. Psyllium might cause constipation; flax doesn't.

1. The Natural Balance Advantage:

If you eat the recommended 25-40 grams of everyday fiber through a diet full of fruits, greens plus some grains, you consume a relation of around 75% insoluble fiber and 25% dietary fiber. This is the organic equilibrium that the healthy diet should supply.
Flax provides pretty much the exact same ratio of insoluble to soluble fiber (65-75% insoluble and 25-35% soluble), which makes it an intelligent alternative for daily supplements organic. Psyllium husk, however, supplies the opposite stability--roughly 20PERCENT insoluble to 80% dietary fiber. Although both types of fiber are essential, resembling the balance of a great diet is not any question a better way to green vitamins.

2. The Lignan Advantage:

Another crucial motive to choose flax over Strontium Bone Builder? Flax contains lignans, while psyllium doesn't. Based on writer and nutritionist Janis Jibrin, among the main benefits of flax is the undeniable fact that it has natural substances called lignans, and lignans possess powerful antioxidant qualities that could significantly decrease the danger of developing the illness.
Specialists estimate that flax contains 100 times more lignans than another supply. As they enter the digestive system, natural organic supplement are able to join with contaminants and assist your body in removing them before they cause biological difficulties. A growing body of evidence shows that green power supplement work with the defense mechanisms and intestinal microorganisms in advanced techniques promote wellness.

3. The Advantage:

While evidence of abdominal discomfort in the usage of flax is difficult to get, issues from your utilization of psyllium are very typical. Due to its 80% dietary fiber information, psyllium husk absorbs a tremendous quantity of water. In fact, it absorbs water thus successfully it is used as a thickening agent in ice cream and included with freshly planted grass to assist it in keeping water.

As green vitamin supplement absorbs water expands while in the intestinal tract, it could cause contamination should you not dramatically boost your water intake. As a result, many people encounter one of many very points they are attempting to avoid: constipation. No matter that you simply choose, nevertheless, the most crucial issue is eating the 25 to 40 grams of fiber daily that lots of experts suggest.

How to Finding Responsible Metal Roofing Contractor

Discovering the right roofing contractors Bronx NY to set up metal

Having done some study, you've arrived at understanding that there were a number of steel roofing contractors and companies giving steel roofing, and you currently had the decision and stress of selecting the best possible steel roofing contractors Bronx NY you could find. The choice procedure was quite self-explanatory, nevertheless, it was crucial that you abide by it towards the T. The pre-verification approach could involve a prospective roofing contractor returning to your property and providing you an estimation. Right off the bat, you recognized that there's a lot of prospective roofing fraud going on, when one of the technicians got around to take a look at your roof repair Bronx and quoted a roofing cost that was only half of exactly what the two people have offered to him, and he requested for cashiers look for the total amount upfront.

This gentleman was plainly a roof con artist preying on older and uneducated people. Fortunately, not everybody in Bronx roofing contractors is a scam artist and there are a few trustworthy roofers. One finished up offering a quote that has been almost four times the quantity of concrete shingle contractor who gave an estimate before him. But, despite the higher initial steel roofing Bronx costs the advantages he outlined created lots of sense. The long, as well as the short of it, had been that material roof may be the last roof you previously must mount, and also you get yourself roof repair Bronx NY that not only looks fantastic and lasts you a very long time, but additionally can help you with energy saving, and increases the price of one's house. Isn't that the deal? Of course, the purchase price alone, high or low, is not the sole criteria to make a determination regarding whether you should hire any specific Bronx roofing contractors.
bronx roofing contractors

A far more crucial variable is the quality of their function, which merely be checked by requesting recommendations, taking a look at the quality of their work as well as perhaps event talking-to-people to discover if they're truly satisfied with the roofers Bronx that a contractor has done. It's likewise, a good idea to carefully research the material roofing Bronx NY process contractor plans on employing, the type of roofing underlayment they wish to utilize and find out about how they intend to ventilate the roof.

Critical issues to request your metal roofing contractor.

Guarantee facts - discover when it is simply the substance warranty from a solution maker, or in the event, the contractor truly warranties the task to become leak-free and water-tight.
Underlayment variety - Reports demonstrate that material roofs shouldn't be mounted over artificial vapor barrier warmth since it will capture the humidity and may cause deck rotting. So it will be suggested to use breathable ventilation system.
Ventilation - A roof that is not effectively ventilated might fail prematurely due to water trapping and ice dams configuration and harm from trapped hot-air. Ask what sort of roofing Bronx NY strategies to ventilate your roof.
Terrace repair - if a roof will probably to need a tear-off; Consult your roof constructors in Bronx New York if they're going to fix any feasible deck harm, and get it written down. Written Offer and contract.
Obtain a written suggestion and/or commitment and review it in detail before you agree to any work. Consult your contractor places all the promises written down, normally, you'll don't have any approach to get that which you were stated if a contractor does not produce upon their claims.
Finally, utilize your good judgment.

How to update Kodi on FireStick

The manufacturers stated the latest update – Kodi 17.3 – has some critical solutions after cyber-security firm Check Point believed hackers could easily get access to people’s computers and devices utilizing the Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken with Kodi app.
Kodi 17.3 now carries a area to avoid destructive zip files from infecting and damaging people’s products and marketing players, its manufacturers added.
Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken wrote in a declaration: ‘Our builders fixed this secuity difference and also have added the repair to the v17.2 release. As a result we highly motivate all people to set up this newest version!
‘Any prior Amazon Fire Stick for sale edition won't get any security area. We have began the roll out of the model and Android Play Retailer as well as Windows Shop have this update impending and will rollout as soon as possible.’
This is how to download the brand new version as well as a bit more information regarding Amazon Fire Stick unlocked.
amazon fire stick kodi

Okay, back to fundamentals. Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi can be a software made to let consumers flow movies, exhibits, activities and programs totally free.
It’s an open-source little bit of software that has been originally created for Xbox but went on to increase from there. It's held by the not-for-profit enterprise XBMC Basis.
It can be live-streamed on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What is the Amazon Fire Stick?
Just how to revise Kodi on FireStick - and everything else you have to understand

Exactly why is Amazon Fire Stick Kodi questionable?
There’s a recent legal case in which a dealer in Middlesborough was found guilty of selling ‘fully-loaded’ TV boxes altered to permit any person to gain use of paid-for tv providers for free.
The trader was ordered to pay for £250,000 after promoting the bins to bars and bars.
However the application itself isn’t illegitimate nor will be the boxes – the broker was merely charged as his boxes were ‘fully loaded’ with plugins and add-ons that permitted entry to duplicate shows and also this is in breach of the Trademark, Patterns and Patents Act 1988.
Adding Amazon Fire Stick free channels in your Fire Stick is perfectly appropriate so long as you're not installing any stolen content or paid for membership material, based on the Daily Mirror.
How to revise Amazon Fire Stick hack on FireStick
1) Go to THE HOUSE display in your FireStick system
2) Permit ADB debugging through SYSTEM / OPTIONS
3) Goto RESEARCH about the FireStick HOUSEHOLD monitor and variety ‘DOWNLOADER’ to find the downloader app
4) Pick ‘APPS AND GAMES’ inside the search engine results and click to obtain and install
5) After it's installed, open the application and touch in then get it
6) If the downloader app doesn’t open the document immediately, click OPEN-FILE to open the record and choose install
7) Click OPEN APP to open and start Amazon Fire Stick fully loaded


I have a confession to make, but it’s not about me, it’s about you. You’re terrible at buying headphones. The typical list of demands when...