Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Lawn tractor

Lawn tractor pros and cons

Lawn tractors (like POULAN PRO MOWER ) are the most popular of all riding mowers. They’re great for cutting large lawns and for light-duty gardening jobs. Most entry-level models are equipped with a 38-in. cutting deck, while the more expensive versions can cut up to 54 in. Most are powerful enough to run an optional grass collection system or tow a garden cart loaded with supplies. However, lawn tractors aren’t designed to accept large attachments or do heavy-duty work.

More deck options-cutting widths 38 in. and up.
A hydrostatic transmission, which allows you to control the speed by pedal, comes standard on many models. This is also the smoothest type of transmission.
Cuts faster with mowing speeds of about 5.2 mph.
Most have larger engines with pressurized lubrication systems, which keep oil flowing on steeper slopes.
Accepts some accessories.


Needs larger storage space.
Larger decks may not fit through your gates.
Less visibility because the engine is in front.
Can’t handle ground-engaging attachments such as tillers and cultivators.

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